Sql dba

Company Name:
Perm Hires
1. Can implement & administrate SQL clusters... will specifically need to know how to dissociate clusters for migrations and t-shoot cluster-related issues.
2. Can administrate SSAS instances that are NLB'ed across multiple nodes...will also need to understand how to t-shoot cube processing failures
3. Can implement & administrate Always On instances..
4. Understands how to t-shoot databases that are either in SUSPEND or RECOVERING Mode, and knows how to bring them online
5. Is able to develop and t-shoot T-SQL stmts, stored procedures, and SSIS pkgs...and specifically understands how to develop/recommend solutions that limit physical data movement
6. Performance tuning:
a. Needs to understand how to use SQL Profiler, DMV's, and extended
to t-shoot and tune performance issues (must know all 3...not just SQL Profiler)
b. Needs to understand table partitioning and the specific indexing strategies around it

We need a candidate who has supported SSAS layer. Should have supported wide range of cubes.

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