Application Packager

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Application Packager ( Redmond, WA)
Application Packager
Location: Redmond, WA
Duration: 6 Months
Application Packaging (L2) Work independently in application packaging or application compatibility testing, Capable of handling medium and complex category requests. This involves, package creation and Application compatibility testing. Expert knowledge on tools such as wise package studio, Installshield and the various trouble shooting tools. In-depth knowledge of technical skills in hardware, MS Operating Systems, Network, Remote Connectivity and process knowledge to ensure quality in Delivery. Good knowledge of trouble shooting application related issues and able to remediate applications as part of application compatibility testing and remediation.
Skill2 - Application Compatibility Tool Kit (L1) Application Compatibility
Compatibility Administrator Setup Analysis Tool Use the Existing shim Database
Skill3 - Packaging tools (L1)
Knowledge of Wise Package Studio or Installshield, Repackaging Methods and process Transform creation Simple Custom Actions, Properties modification Handles Simple, Medium Packages
Skill4 - Packaging tools (L2)
Handles Simple, Medium Packages Creating Patches, Upgrades, Merge Modules Creating WSI Templates Using VBScript, Wise Script, BatchScript in WiseConflict Management
Skill5 - Windows Installer (L2)
Able to handle System Reboots Set System Policy Using Windows Installer and Windows Resource Protection System Restore Points and the Windows Installer Understanding of File Versioning Rules Merge Modules and Transforms Isolate components
Skill6 - VB Scripting (L2)
Errors & Exceptions Algorithms and Data Structures Memory Management Creating VBScript Templates File Manipulation Registry Manipulation Service/WMIScripting

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